25 January 2011

The Moments That Bind Us.

Perhaps, she thought, that was where affection began: in an unlikely phrase, in a moment of someone's having unexpectedly but at last said the right thing.
"Agnes of Iowa" by Lorrie Moore.

The right thing to say at the right time. There is absolutely nothing more that captivates the human emotion quite like it. It can make us smile, bring us to tears, deliver us inspiration, strike us fear, envelop our passion, ignite our drive, make us fall in love...you name it. None can compare.

This is why I have such an undying passion for words. It is those particular moments in a movie wherein a dialogue is impeccable; when a novel, contemporary non-fiction, short story or poem addresses a poignant statement, when a visionary conveys bold statements to the public, these are what capture us. They are what create imaginary lapses in time as if the world has just stopped and you wish you can contain that particular feeling you have at that very moment forever, those that grasp our spirits and give us memories that last us a lifetime.

But nothing can compare to the connection that bridges us as human beings when we get each other. When you communicate with someone and you are not just on the same page, but you are practically saying the same words and your hearts and minds are reciting them in unison. When that light bulb is lit, when your heads nod in agreement and your smiles rise in astonishment, surprise, and joy because you are sharing a legitimate and intense connection. Basically, it makes you feel alive again.

We should strive for these moments. They are certainly not easy to come by, but it can happen in any second, with any person, at any place. Maybe, just maybe, those unexpected sparks will fly.

Like the quote says, perhaps that is where affection begins. It is not some random emotion that is just given. It is something shared. It is something worth looking for.


Because it feels damn good to be alive and there is nothing quite like it.