02 August 2010

Say something.

I've noticed recently the ability to speak your mind has become such an underdeveloped facet in everyday communication. It is more known now as an "art" and while I have nothing against that and am actually a strong advocate of it, I happen to think it sucks that it has lost its status as a fundamental of speech.

And yet you wonder why any kind of relationship, whether romantic, familial or fraternal somehow finds its way to lose its essence and head towards bad atmospheres. So why does it happen? Because most people don't say what they really want to say and wait for a certain time wherein all their emotion is balled up for them to burst and then it turns ugly.

That's not how it should be. It's one thing to avoid argument, but another thing to completely dismiss your piece of mind. Once you cool off, acknowledge your shortcomings and address your concerns. Also, take the time to listen. Communication is a two way street. Remain open for suggestions and take time to hear out criticism. If you just let it go and never talk about it again, it will be like an infection in the back of your head.

My point is talking will only help. Say whatever it is you want to say. Retort and don't just take the blows. Stand up for your damn self. The only way to be heard is to actually speak up. Nothing is ever going to happen if you keep to yourself because your communication problems aren't going to fix itself.

So what do you do? Stop being a wuss. Part of being a real man or woman is to be someone who is willing to be open about their thoughts and feelings. Trust me, you'll feel a a lot better afterwards - about any of your personal relationships, and most importantly about yourself.

Song: "It Don't Feel Right" by The Roots.