01 August 2010

Welcome to His Royal Badness™

Welcome to His Royal Badness™. The place where pure attitude is in full swing.

After days spent drawing, conceptualizing, designing, coding, writing and tweaking everything all over again, the launch is finally here: a genesis of a new revolution.

I decided to write again because I've gotten e-mails, messages, and comments wondering what happened with the site. Almost HALF A MILLION visits later and an interestingly steady amount of views despite my previous absence, it inspired me to come back and give people what they wanted - more bad ass posts. So I revamped the entire site design with a new focus and more drive than ever.

His Royal Badness™ is for and by the people. It dares to speak of things you wish you said, or express things you wish you thought. It is dedicated to anyone who may stumble upon it, as it hopes to reach as many people as possible to be a destination for thought and endless inspiration. In short, YOU are the reason why it exists.

However, this is not your typical blog. It is intended to be relentless, and may even go towards being obnoxious and pretentious. But that is what makes His Royal Badness™ unique, because it is not meant to cater to the general public, but to the open-minded, daring and expressive.

For the more formal introduction, see the previous post and get to know the mold behind the project that is His Royal Badness™.

Also, hit ABOUT and CONTACT for more information.