01 August 2010

Destroy & Rebuild.

"In all Beginnings dwells a magic force"
- Stufen; Hermann Hesse

Let's start all over again.

This is a hybrid of the new focus this site is heading towards and my old blog. I didn't want to just throw it away because it is a testament of my growth over the years, and I have acquired quite a large demographic despite my last absence. So after days of constant redesigning to reach the perfect outlook I've imagined, I finally present you with His Royal Badness™.

So who am I? And what is it exactly that I offer? I'm a renegade, hedonistic, free spirited writer in pursuit of life's best possible outcomes. However, I am not your standard every day guy. I'm the type to say whatever the hell it is I want to say. I'm not all too concerned by what people think, say, or scorn. My life is not trapped by anyone's perspective - I set my own expectations, and have broken free of all limitations. In my opinion, one has not yet lived until they essentially create who they truly are and live the individual inside them while not afraid of how others might see them. It's not about their acceptance, it's about your acceptance of yourself.

And I call this living Bad. Not necessarily because it is, but because it denotes the connotation that you are fearless, adventurous, and filled with zest for life, living by your own rules, setting your own goals, and going towards achieving them in high-octane fashion.

And I will deliver this purpose through writing and simply sharing my thoughts.

So like it or not I'm here to stay, and this time it's for good.

...and for Bad.

photo via: Hedi Slimane