03 June 2010

hold me.

Mi wanna gyal who go take you away
Me want a gyal who cyan wine pon me
Wid it good
And make mi feel it
Show me that you could girl

Gyal me wan fi hold yuh
Put me arms right around ya
Gyal you give me the tightest hold me eva seen in my life

Hold Yuh by Gyptian.


as for the response song:

Well you say you want a girl who will take you away
Baby come behind me let me wine pon you
Wid it good
You haffi feel it
I’ll have you coming back for more

Boy you wan fi hold me
Put your arms right around me
Mi no se me give u di tightest hold you eva did see in your life

Hold Yuh (Answer) by Shani.

What can I say. Great rhythms are good for the soul.