29 May 2010

Project Mayhem.

This film is nothing short of epic.


It's not because any of you truly believed at what anything Tyler Durden had to say. It's not because you wanted to buy his soap or make napalm out of gasoline and orange juice concentrate. It's the way that motherfucker said the things he said. Because courage behind conviction is what truly fucking matters. Content isn't shit without brash and in-your-face delivery. You know damn well you don't believe that humans are "the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world" like he said, and yet there you are as you saw that movie for the first time, in awe, because of the honesty and the fucking balls of whomever wrote that film to tell you that you aren't any special, and that you are the same decaying organic matter of the world like everything else. Why? Because it doesn't give a shit whether you like it or not. It will say what it ought to say; what it wants to say.

The almighty power of conviction. It's truly on a class of its own. One of the strongest factors of seduction. Because if used properly, it exudes confidence. It's relentless. It's evoking. It's sexy.

So what's my point? Learn something from the movie and not just marvel on its audacity. Pick up things that you can use to your advantage. Fight Club could have been any other useless piece of shit movie that you will forget in due time. But it's not. Because of its raw emotion that it displayed and its nonchalance towards what any of you feel. It puts what it feels first, and everything else second.

Have courage in what you believe in, pride in who and what you are. Admit responsibility and never show fear. Defy expectations and shatter all doubt. What makes men honorable is them being themselves naturally, and nothing else.