19 December 2009

fuck you, time.

there's really not enough time to do everything we ever want or ever could. yeah, you can claim that sitting here writing and complaining about it is ironic in itself because it's wasting time as it is.

i just read that some guy from uruguay made a $300 dollar sci-fi flick, which after staggering youtube plays,was later offered for $30 million to remake the film. after this realization, i just want to dive head first into a barrage of things to dig whatever talent and skill i have to somehow hope to gain anything from a small investment that came from within.

i just wish a lapse in time would just happen. indefinitely. until i want to continue this concept we call "time." as a matter of fact, i don't even think i'd ever want to continue it.

just imagine: an opportunity to live freely, to do everything we desire, with no boundaries, no deadlines, no restrictions. everything flows because everything can. everything goes just because. everything and nothing lasts. just one continuum. or actually, no continuum, because there is no sequence. just one line that does not begin nor end. a chance to do anything and everything you feel like doing whether it be night or day, sunrise or sunset.

the concept of "time" is nothing more but a trap that we're all caved in. the reality is, we can't escape it. as much as it'd sound so philosophically kick-ass to say that time revolves around us, it's really more like we revolve around time. it runs our lives. our schedules have diminished our real capabilities and desires to perform what we want to do at that particular moment (hold on...moment is also an expression of time...ah fuck it). we are limited by our schedules, controlled by our day to days, manipulated by our 9 to 5s. but i guess that's how it works.

fuck you, time.

it really sucks that you exist.

i really have nothing inspirational to say about this whole situation other than to shit on it so i guess it's time to post this now.

good day.