12 October 2009

the necessity of the unnecessary.

for some reason, in the grand scheme of things, there seems to be a necessity for the unnecessary things in life.

shit, doing this (blogging) right now isn't necessary either. or being on the internet for that matter. or having it in the first place. many a luxury in life, that we can all survive without. vices that had we not engaged in, we can probably lead better lives. we just can't accept it that way because our lives revolve on such things.

it just makes life what it is: that much better.

i'm not advocating doing vices, or being addicted to any piece of immaterial novelty that one can name. i'm just talking about the need for having or doing them in general. things that realistically, we can continue living our lives without.

but it'd be boring as hell.

deny or accept it, but our persona is shaped because of these unnecessary things all molded in one individual. we are what we like, and we are what we do.

a basic paradox, yet it still entices me.