01 September 2009


the song above is titled "Happiness" by The Foreign Exchange. ever since the inception of the song, or at least since i discovered it, i only play the song when i'm at a moment in my life when i can really say i'm happy. not just satisfied, or when i can say i'm able to move along, but genuine happiness and real contentment about the current atmosphere i'm in. a phase wherein i can just feel the blessings arrive upon me. almost like i can't ask for anything more, and any problem that exists doesn't even matter.

i just had dinner cooked for me and had it with some amazing people. you'd think i'm writing this excerpt because i had a totally mind-blowing experience or some kind of adrenaline rush but no; that was it. just good food, good conversation, surrounded by good people. as simple as it can get, yet i had a wonderful time. it just shows how vital getting to know people really is. it's probably the most ancient, and most common form of enjoyment, and i'm glad that one can still have a decent, honest, and free-flowing conversation; something more than a "hi" and "bye," and having this with people i just met makes it even better. nowadays, a wall comment on facebook is generally referred to as "talking with someone" when in essence, it's not even close - looking someone in the eye while they talk is, listening attentively to their details is, sharing their laughter and imagining their perspective in their stories is. not just a barrage of "lol"'s written in a textbox.

"happiness" may not be a complex song. it is actually quite personal. the hook is just a short collection of what makes one happy. but when i play it, it reminds me of the times i smiled to myself and said"wow, i had a great time." it is almost like a memory bank of sorts. and what i realize is, with each and every time i have played this song, it was always when i have had a good conversation with someone or a group of people. and this is an internal feeling that no one can deny. one can scrutinize how you go about your ways of finding happiness, but they are not going to change that fact that you ARE happy.

reminds of a quote i heard tonight:

"people can say many things about each and every one of us, but they cannot say that we don't live our lives well."

well said.

find a connection, a bridge, a pathway, a narrow street - whatever you can towards another person. you'd be surprised how "happy" it can make you feel.


Audio: "Happiness" by The Foreign Exhchange.