06 September 2009


i'm holding back yet i'm feeling like i can't.
to get my shit together, on this paper i will vent.

the only one who listens and understands what i mean.
under these underlying words that are hard to be seen.

and so it seems, it's getting hard to be focused
in this day and age, with new arising moments.

one thing can happen, and the world is shown to you.
the next thing happens, you notice that it's gone and it flew.

hard to describe, since the feeling won't subside.
you try to figure out what it is and why you hide.

it is uncommon, but still you try to fight it back
and when you achieve it, you regret it and then you fade to black.

you hold on to what is left to remember,
all the good times, how you kept it together.

it didn't take long, yet you felt you belonged.
it was rather quick, but seconds seemed slow as they ticked.

you rather not think about it, but you know you're afraid
because reality will set in and rain on your parade

but you have to admit that the chances are faint,
so you get mixed emotions between despair and feeling great

you hang close to even the slightest of possibilities,
and this that barely exists is both your friend and your enemy.

you deny what it is, what will inevitably end.
even hoping and dreaming that time you can bend.

you wish this transpired at an earlier date.
but if it did, you wouldn't be calling this fate.

just be glad it happened and don't scorn it will leave.
you made the best of it, you held it and you believed.


Audio: "Fear" by Drake.