06 July 2009


you are more than a role model. you are more than the archetype of hard work and utmost dedication. you gave yourself so each of your children would go to school and can live prosperous lives. your incomparable ethic provides inspiration that can never and will never fade for we will carry it in the lineage of our family. from working in the fields, you have made possible for your offspring to be educated and for all 13 of them to be great people in their own right for they carry in them a part of you, just as i will always carry within me a part of you. you were more than a person to look up to and follow. you demonstrated that anything in this world is attainable through action, and not just words. because of you, i truly believe in the power of sacrifice and that no obstacle is ever too big or cannot be conquered. you listened before you spoke, and believed that anyone who has the will should be given a chance. you are the nicest, most gentle, and kindhearted person this world will ever know. it is amazingly mind-boggling how a person can have a heart like yours. your example triumphs all. you were more than a faithful servant to the Lord. you were more than a loving person. just your presence enlightens me because of how much love just shines out of you. you are more than any of these.

you are my grandfather.

you're in a better place now, and finally on the hands of our Savior.

i can only dream of even being half the man you are. greatness is too humble of a word to display the kind of legacy that you have left us. and even then i know you wouldn't admit it. you would just give me your tender smile like you always do.

i love you very much, tatay. we miss you.