14 February 2010

What Does "I Love You" Mean Anymore?

"Fourteen years ago 'I Love You' was more than enough. I mean it was almost revolutionary.
And now? I don't know...they're just words."

the thought is almost cliché, but the essence of the way it was said is quite compelling. it is a retrospect of how three simple words back then when said to another person can be anything BUT simple. that very statement can be the only thread that holds two people together. it is that significant. it is that momentous. during that moment it is said, nothing else matters. not a damn thing. only that person hearing you say it.

revolutionary indeed.

yet nowadays, it is as if they are any other group of words that belong to the everyday vernacular. no thrill. no excitement. no fear. none. an absence of all these emotions combined in one intense feeling that makes your heart and mind and soul go on overdrive before you say such daunting and audacious words which can ultimately change everything between you and that other person.

or even if it's there, generally it's just not the same anymore.

"love" isn't the same anymore.

and you'd think that with everything constantly changing around us, one thing that never will is this thing called "love" because it is supposed to be this natural inclination that doesn't happen often, but rather only when circumstances are perfect, because you are with that person perfect for you. it may not last forever, but when you said it at that moment, you did it because there was nothing else left to say.

i'm not saying no one means it anymore. i just wish people would mean it more. and you could say it's none of my damn business, which is true. i just worry for the one thing that actually remains precious to all of us universally. even those people who claim they don't believe in love have this hope in the back of their minds that they would someday somehow experience this feeling of ecstasy just by someone looking in their eyes and simultaneously saying those three divine words.

this is not a plea against people who give out i love you's like their personal business cards. it is rather wishful thinking. anything and everything can lose it's essence and substance in this world, i just hope it's never those three simple words that are anything but simple.

after all, "love" is the only thing in between "i" and "you" and that can make all the difference we ever hoped for.

written: 7.28.09 / 5:39am


Audio: "Love" by Musiq Soulchild.

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