27 July 2009

Chicks Dig Scars. Glory Lasts Forever.

"Chicks dig Scars. Glory lasts forever."

- Shane Falco.

running is my new obsession. i've been doing it every day for the past month now, waking up at 5:00 AM just at the break of dawn. it's an uplifting feeling starting each day with what invigorates me just as the twilight rises. when the sun is peering. birds starting to chirp. only a slight breeze. not a soul in the streets. just you, that road, and the wind that rushes through your face.

now, why i picked it up is because for the past couple years, it's been a tremendous challenge for me to exert myself in long physical bouts due to a diagnosed exercise-induced asthma in addition to the chronic asthma that i already have. this has slowed me down, much to my dismay, as i had been very active as a child growing up, and performing at a high level which i enjoyed then, had become a burden.

this summer i woke up. i decided to not give in with my condition and fight it instead. i may not be at the peak yet of what potential i can truly perform with, but i have improved. much more than that, now i believe.

pictured above are scars from a high-intensity cardio session gone wrong, a headstrong run, going as fast as i can (images of my left arm, thigh and back are omitted for a reason). it might not seem serious from the pictures, but continuing to run, with blood searing, and the sensation of pain getting deeper, it stings even more as you go further. as you go faster. it stings like hell.

the power of pushing through pain is what we call sacrifice. it is the measure of how bad you want something, or how much you are willing to give to achieve your goal. and with success comes the glory, whether people may recognize it, or if it's just a gratifying feeling within yourself.

my speed sucks. my stamina, even worse. my built, much more work left to go. but my willingness?

don't ever say i don't have it because you bet your ass i do.


Audio: "Up Against (Blackout)" by Taking Back Sunday.

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