20 July 2009

I Might Not Go Down in History, But I Will Go Down on Your Sister.

I might not go down in history, but i will go down on your sister.

- Hank Moody ( David Duchovny ) from the show Californication.

i just finished watching the first season of Californication and after the folding of Studio60, i have been desperately praying for a show even remotely close to its cleverness, and thank God i found it. to put it extremely short, it's about a talented writer trying to get his shit together in the City of Angels. and there's sex too. a shitload of it. and some in it's own twisted ways. the first two and a half minutes of the pilot episode will get you hooked, guaranteed:

(now before you conservative folks scorn me from your high horses, care to watch the entire pilot first before gnawing your teeth at this post. thank you.)

so what entices me to this show?

because i live vicariously through Hank Moody. not in every way, but his opinions and how complacent he can get and not give a shit despite how much passion and talent he has for writing is something i am familiar with. now i'm not even in the same ball park with the talent (or that i am talented at all), but the passion is there without a doubt in my mind. moreover, how he presents himself in his ever so trashy, condescending yet witty manner, is what i guess i always hold inside of me. he says the things i wish i did or would, yet i don't.

okay, maybe sometimes i do, but that's besides the point.

so if you're the type who likes intelligently written television screenplays, characters that mesh in its own complex yet perfect way, and above all, a kick-ass and no-holds-barred script, this one is for you.


First Season is free to watch on Netflix, and Second Season is free with OnDemand.