12 April 2009


i just wanna think, sit back and restrategize
'cause more than ever, i want to get lost in your eyes
why must things always have to fall a single certain way?
can we stop following and box ourselves to what other people say?
including the limits that we have set for ourselves
when deep inside we want to cross lines we drew and whatever else
life is not just about living with a plan
i hope that this will get to you and somehow understand
that if we don't ever cater for what is there and the present moment
we can never tell ourselves "i lived this life, i know i owned it"
vibe is apparent with the smiles and the glances
but somehow both of us are scared, but neither one advances
you're barely there, but when you are, with you i want to become adjacent to
but pride kicks in, i become passive and nothing more but a complacent fool
at least i don't disassemble emotions and claim they aren't right
'cause what is wrong is denying impulse, and with it you want to fight
this is not a false pretense, you feel it 'cause it's real
don't you realize how unnatural it is to push away what you feel?
the universe is meant to go on, it is just reality
submerge yourself in its flow and then just let whatever be
you can't always measure your actions and calculate what you do
set yourself from sophistication, just let yourself be you
but it's too late, the moment passed, and you didn't see
but when it comes again, i hope you escape...

...and set yourself free.


Audio: "Echo" by Incubus.

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