12 March 2009


things become too well and you wonder to yourself
if this is genuinely happening or a figment of the truth
it is more than just the laughter and the joy that is shared
maybe all of this is really a part of the proof

that maybe things can become better than they are
or are you just over-analyzing what you see with your eyes?
it is as if the heavens proclaim that it can go far
but you are uncertain if you must pursue the prize

maybe you should slow down, this feels too good to be true
you think to yourself if you share the same dilemma
because to both you and her, this feeling once again is new
since what you are used to is heartbreak, pain, etcetera

a risk is involved, is it meant to be taken?
succumbing to temptation, almost going but not quite
because the last thing you want is what it is to be forsaken
never want to lose the precious thing you have in thy sight

but sacrifice is what is needed had i want to advance
where is this really taking me, is there any guarantee?
gambling my chances and with fate i shall dance
if it falls, i lose the one thing that is a part of me

you tell me if it is actually worth the peril
if you do not feel so, well then i shall cease
it is your decision, the pressure is quite pivotal
while i wait, thy mind is never at peace


Audio: "You Give Me Something" by James Morrison.