06 March 2009


new times, different attitude and separate situations
major setbacks, stipulated with temptations
if it doesn't feel natural, why do it then?
why do this as if there is a reason to pretend?
altering perspectives doesn't change reality
it is just denial of what is really there to see
living in mediocrity, don't want to see the light
but is it refusal when you still feel the plight?
not the experience but a memory of the aftermath
questioning yourself if you should've taken a different path
maybe things are just meant to be catch twenty-two
bombarded by this feeling of a hell earned true
but not everything is composed of just two sides
maybe there's something else that you prefer to hide
not meant to be ever seen, heard, or thought
we keep it inside but it's what the conscience sought
resistance is kept to keep your composure
however this acceptance is the hindrance to the closure
but what the future holds it doesn't always restrain
on a day we expect sunshine, it can always rain
on a day we expect joy, outta nowhere comes the pain
but on a day we least expect it, a smile we can gain
just look up to the heavens and let the Divine work
cuz really you can only do so much if it hurts
life's not fair, we have to learn to find the balance
gotta make things work instead of watching them happen
just remember to forgive but never forget
'cause love is when you give just as much as you get.

4:23am | 2.25.09


Audio: "Ordinary People" by John Legend.