18 February 2009

welcome to heartbreak.

i know everyone and their momma has put or is gonna put this same thing on their blogs this week. probably a questionable decision since the whole ultimatum of this blog is to exist out of individuality and purpose or don't exist at all.

well, sucks for you because the video is so aesthetically avant-garde that it deserves a mention.

this is one of my favorite songs from 808s and Heartbreak, from the start of the dramatic strings all the way to the last thump of that 808 drum, and my oh my did the video deliver. i'm not gonna type a psychosomatic analysis of each mind-blowing segment of the video, but this LSD-induced polychromatic distortion of a video is insane to the membrane...literally.

try watching this with the lights turned off, headphones blasting, and adrenaline-junkied.

then prepare for the ride.


ps. this is where Nabil, the director got the original idea from. but nonetheless, how "Welcome to Heartbreak" was flipped was just so impeccably fitting and more intuitively pieced together. best if watched in HD:

Evident Utensil Video by Chairlift.