22 December 2008

who's gonna save my soul now?

"who's gonna save my soul now" by gnarls barkley is in my opinion, the best music video released this year. gnarls barkley once again shows how they continue to exceed boundaries of creativity, open mindedness and originality. i mean, from the three minute span of the song, the video managed to grab your attention as if it was a movie, and at the same time, it still delivered the message of the song in an in-your-face grotesque drama which guarantees that you won't be forgetting about it anytime soon.

moreover, the message it contains holds a substantial amount of truth to it. those who've been through it should be able to relate in some form, some way...

from their melody to the lyrics, music videos to album art, and all their other endeavors, the duo of cee-lo green and danger mouse remain to be of music's elite in showing diversity of craft and talent.

and what's more important, they're not afraid of what the mainstream will think. if the music is great, it won't need to find an audience...the audience will find them.