23 December 2008

collective fashion consciousness.

i thought i'd introduce lookbook here, a website wherein anybody and everybody can showcase their style and what they dig with regards to fashion, by posting what they wore on that day. it's increasingly becoming a new internet phenomenon, although the concept of posting one's attire has been around the internet for quite some time now. i thought it was cool because it's sort of like the sartorialist, but you post pictures of yourself.

here are some pics:

if it seems like i come off as someone who judges personality based on one's fashion or style, please excuse myself because i don't, and that would be very far from the intent of this post. fashion isn't everything.

but we'd by lying to ourselves if we said it isn't something.


Audio: What About Love (Corazon) by Raw Artistic Soul feat. Mirta Junco Wambrug
( took me an hour to find the mp3 but failed. converted the youtube vid, adjusted amplification in audacity, just so i can put it here. mad work yo! )