06 December 2008

change of course.

changed the blog layout a while back as a re-introduction to me blogging once again. but here it is now, about a week later, totally opposite from what it was before. i decided that having color would be the new inspiration. and now, it compasses a much more darker undertone more than i have ever had it made. black and crimson.

man, i don't give a shit. call me a hypocrite. or someone who has ocd. or someone who simply can't make their mind. or maybe someone who tries to extend their creative aspect more than he should. or someone who takes this more seriously than he they should.


that last one i felt was forced, and did not represent what i am, or what i represent at the moment. i said i have found resurgence. black is strength. black is simple yet elegant, formal yet beautiful.

lot of things going on. i'm now a Resident Assistant. it's been great, and a challenge as well. i enjoy it, i love the staff, and it's definitely a new experience. a lot of people congratulate despite the fact that they may disapprove of it, or say that it's a burden and i'm going to be missing out on the "real" college life.

all i know is that at the end of the day, i'm happy about my decision, and i'm sure i've made the right one.

it's not just a job. i'm part of something. something different. something special. hopefully the thread continues.

like jay-z said in December 4th
this is the life i chose, rather the life that chose me.