19 December 2008

NotionPicture: 7 pounds.

i am stunned beyond belief and emotion right at this very moment. and i am absolutely positive it's not only because of that certain feeling of elevated consciousness after enjoying something.

i am writing this just a few minutes after watching the movie 7 pounds, and i think i can safely say that i have not been emotionally connected with a film quite as poignant and powerful as i have just experienced. it is very possible that this can change my life drastically, because the grasp and the sensitivity felt by my heart is incomparable with anything i have ever seen.

i mean, not everyone's going to agree with me, and that is not my goal anyway. i just hope people would follow in the protagonist's footsteps regarding being able to contribute, no matter how small, because this is life, and our very existence would be insufficient and meaningless if we do not. if we are capable of something, then no matter what we have, no matter where we come from, there should be no reason not to be able to offer something to this world, and to our fellow neighbors.

we are all different, yet we are all the same. until we realize and appreciate this resemblance between ourselves and others, then this world is not going to move forward how it should.