29 November 2008

rise from the ash like a phoenix.

yeah. decided to do a comeback. however, updating this won't be as often as i did before. busier schedule, more responsibilities, new priorities, and i just need to focus on what's more important to me. but something to flaunt my creative aspect with certainly can't hurt if i know how to balance my time ( funny i say that now, when i'm supposed to be studying ).

nevertheless, i am back because in college, you're one little speck of sand on the beach, and how you're able to shine your identity and personality is limited compared to that of being in high school. i believe i have something to share. i am here, because i have something to offer; something to give, and i don't want or need anything in return. i don't write for the sake of writing. truth be told, i'm writing for myself. but i am not going to lie and say i wouldn't be delighted if someone has read what i wrote, or learned something new from me.

Desmond Tutu, in an interview about wisdom said:

"it is much more blessed to give than to receive, because in giving, although in does not seem so, you receive."
if i have grown in these past few months, in my first time in college, i cannot say. i am going to leave that for you to decide.

moving along, i changed the layout because the whole black and gray thing does not match my character as of now. i believe i have found resurgence and resilience. i have found color. color does not justify only one emotion; it can depict many. my inspiration for this thought is a video by director Eric Lerner, scored with Sugar Ros' "Gong" ( click HERE to watch it in hi-definition):

i am at a new phase of my life. which color am i going to show? we're about to find out...