04 July 2008

sushi for the win.

todai sushi madness (no i didn't misspell today. "todai" is the name of the restaurant).

white chocolate = heaven in thin foil.

murals on the prada store in soho.

times square.

grand central.

celebrated the 4th of july today with zahra panda in the city. first up was authentic asian food at todai. hit up macys. then uniqlo to buy some Kaihara™ S-001 denim and bunch of shirts. we go to the prada store in broadway and prince and i have to say this might be the most intuitive store in all of soho albeit the traditional designs with enormous ceilings and art-covered walls, but what tops it is the half-pipe shaped staircase which i wish i took a picture of. next up, was aroma cafe then times square, grand central and home eventually. came out later to take pics of fireworks.

bonus shot: