05 July 2008

never frown.

never frown...

revisiting some conversations from way back when...

someone (10:06:52 PM): why are u lying to me
someone (10:06:54 PM): i knowit was fake
me (10:07:01 PM): idk.
me (10:07:07 PM): i cant smile for some reason.
me (10:07:14 PM): i really dont kno.
me (10:07:17 PM): sorry for lying
someone (10:07:26 PM): its okayy
someone (10:08:29 PM): never frown, because u never know who's falling in love with ur smile
someone (10:08:37 PM): goodnight
someone is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.


someone (10:18:46 PM): :]
me (10:19:53 PM): wuchu smilin for
someone (10:19:13 PM): you