03 June 2008

senior cut day?

technically, it was senior cut day. granted i didn't go to cut day (or is that an oxymoron?) and celebrate with the rest of the class at six flags due to an absence appeal and student government responsibilities, we had our own fun, albeit staying in school.

working (or hardly working) on student gov project while blasting music in the cafeteria

assembly in the arena celebrating 80th best hs in the nation and acknowledging full diploma students. i'm not even gonna lie, i felt extra special being one out of the 6 full ib students out of the 38 to be there (my seat is the empty one at the front) because people in the office were congratulating me and it was weird since you know none of 'em would've done that if the rest of the 38 were there

hotdogs, chips and soda for free outside on a great weather afterwards.

all in all, i don't regret not cutting. though them fuckers probably had lots of fun riding the coasters and whatnot, my day ain't half bad at all.

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