29 June 2008


"We try to grab pieces of our lives as they speed past us. Photographs freeze those pieces and help us remember how we were."
-Gene McSweeney

granted it's been a while, been constantly taking pics as of late. i don't like giving full accounts of photos i've taken because i prefer whoever looks at it to take a stab with their own imagination what transpired when it was taken. not necessarily saying there's something symbolic or anything with each photo taken, but with each captured moment, there was a whole series of events that happened before it. each time i snap a shot, it wasn't just for the heck of it. i'll look back on each one and say, "i remember that."

so in chronological order:

ironman & the hulk back to back at 42nd (as always).

senior breakfast.

after graduation.

4am after watching "wanted" with some peeps.