07 June 2008

divine intervention.

alaa & justina.

yesterday is definitely a day to remember. so, senior cut day, my previous english teacher, mentor and one of my greatest influences, mr. vicari, was looking for me to help out this girl named alaa to play dante for her oral. and of course, i obliged. fast forward, to the day of the oral, we only had one major rehearsal and everything went perfectly. little did i know, it wasn't even close to what perfect would actually be...

on her actual oral, i missed a line which is quite rare. thank God alaa recognized that i missed it and carried on with the skit, and later omitted it for her analysis. she was AWESOME. her analysis about suicide and how life is the most precious gift just blew my mind, and is one of the reasons why i was inspired to be in her oral. i was confident that this was worth the effort. "scholarly and on another level" mr. vicari would say later on...

but one thing happened that i have NEVER seen before. on the exact second she finished her analysis, the timer went off. 15 minutes on the dot. nothing more. nothing less. everything was just impeccable and mind-bogglingly flawless. mr. vicari said he and his wife, mrs. selimaj-vicari were tearing on the cusp of our performance. "it was phenomenal...your best one yet." now when one of your greatest inspirations say that to you, it really means a lot.

now if i didn't show up on senior cut day, if i didn't forget that line, if she didn't carry on like she would and omit it from her analysis, her timing would not have been exactly 15 minutes. this is one of the biggest reasons for that feeling of euphoria after her oral, aside from getting the 30 (which was the first perfect scores in 2 years if i'm not mistaken). truth be told, the score was just the icing on the cake. that very feeling wherein you know that something was just unequivocally perfect is certainly something that you would never forget, and i am very happy for her.

people ask why i don't believe in luck. well, now there's a clear-cut reason. like mr. vicari said, everything was just perfect...it was "divine intervention."

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