30 May 2008

we're in the finals finally.


simply put: kobe bryant had a LEGENDARY performance down the stretch. 39 points. 17 in the 4th quarter alone. to come back from a 17 point deficit. in the western finals. to close the series at home.

Kenny Smith said:

Watching Kobe Bryant down the stretch, that was a special performance. That is one, if you are a basketball fan, you put in as a demonstration to show kids what to do because the composure he had down the stretch...in the last four minutes of the game there has only been one other player in my lifetime who I have seen do what he did in the last four minutes and his name is Michael Jordan. And now the comparisons do start because I've never seen anybody be that composed in that stressed environment besides him...This is one of the greatest performances I've seen.

with that said, it doesn't stop here. bring it on whoever it may be. i expected them to come this far, but i ain't gonna rejoice too much. there's still work to do. and i know the best player in the planet WILL deliver.

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