05 May 2008

she's leaving home.

crazy weekend.
saturday: wii with the homies.
sunday: reading history at starbucks while listening to some nina simone and drinking a double chocolate chip frappucinno that is OFF the menu. top that homie!
my brother's alex' and andrew's birthday celebration.
and more fun that night.

oh. and the lakers won with kobe reaching another franchise record.

i thought this was dope. the samples used by kanye in common's finding forever (click on the picture to download):

syreeta is amazing. i've never heard of her until i listened to the sample compilation. my favorite is her rendition of one of my favorite songs all time by the beatles, "she's leaving home." original can never be faltered, but i appreciate it for what it is.

syreeta's cover:

the beatles' original:

the instrumentation from the original is just insane. and the song is embedded with arguably one of the beatles' most dramatic story-telling lyrics ever.

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