25 April 2008


late i know...



Nuggets guard J.R. Smith made the mistake of saying something to him, which only brought more pain. Bryant went at Smith the next time down the court, got a layup and-one to get to 49 points, one shy of the playoff career high he set against Phoenix in 2006.

"Better learn not to talk to me," Bryant said of Smith's jabbering. "You shake the tree, a leopard's gonna fall out."

"The way he was going we could have put 10 people on the court and it probably wouldn't have been able to stop him," Allen Iverson said.
It's not about throwing everyone at Bryant. It's the way he has used every player on his team that's made the Lakers more of a threat this year, and certainly a class above the Nuggets in the first two games of this series.

Game 2 Highlights

don't anger my guy. just don't do it. just stop it. for your own good too.

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