02 March 2008

wake up.

there are times when we seek refuge because things just seem so hard. we tend to lock our potential and never show it. we tend to be afraid of what people say. failure becomes our greatest fear, yet we are so overwhelmed with panic, sometimes we end up frozen. cold. immobile. threatened. all the negatives surround us. and we feel like we're caged by all these factors. but we are wrong. we are the ones who encage ourselves. we are the ones who choose to fear, to not move, to be afraid rather than face everything in front of us with nothing more than a fighting spirit. that includes me. we've all done it. the difference is i admit it. but what will definitely separate me is my choice to do something about it. if there is anything that can hinder us from our potential, it is ourselves. stop blaming shit. stop complaining. wake up and defeat yourself.

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