22 January 2008


as i sit back in retrospect of what made sense,
it makes me wonder of my respect of what doesn't.
a shadow exists upon your soul of what remains as an enigma.
you're left with stigma and still yet hold on for little figments.
figments of emotion, particularly that which you make you smile,
challenge you to yearn for more, go for miles.
you refuse to believe that all this is for nothing, for the joy you
experience on little occasions is something, it overcasts everything.
at a single perspective you ask yourself why, at times you doubt yourself
for you can stumble upon a yellow brick road if you wanted to, but choose
to step on a journey of what can almost feel as privation.
you have never imagined yourself even daring of facing an exposure quite like this.
but yet with every step you take, it feels going backwards, but still you're convinced.
you sincerely believe pain is worth it.
holding on to every single possibility,
even when it is apparent that you have lost.
or have you?
here you go again.
in deep retrospect of what made sense.
you wonder of your respect of what doesn't.
and this doesn't belong to what doesn't.
you know it does but you're just afraid to admit it...

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