09 January 2008


ever felt you blazed
on this new journey,
filled with hope
and it made you feel
better, it made you smile,
it gave you a sense of
purpose again...
you became rejuvenated
in every aspect...

until you notice..

it wasn't much of a journey..
you've been standing in
the same spot all along

everything you do
is just never good enough.

you're always at fault.
there's always something
wrong with what you did.
there's always a flaw.
there's always a reason
to complain about.
yeah it might be all fun and games..
but the point is...you're just
never right.

one moment
you thought you saw
one thing crystal clear...
you believe that this something
exists without a shadow
of a doubt...

then that moment passes,
and everything disappears.
everything seems like an
illusion...a dream.
maybe you just misinterpreted it.
maybe you took things the wrong way.
maybe that thing you believed in...

...never existed at all.

but what's funny is...
you never give up hoping...