04 December 2007

train of thought.


i seek refuge in the hope that
my presence shalt be
a curse on thy thoughts.
conditionals and long gone
possibilities shalt strike the mind
and regret shalt flow every
direction for my future and yours
is altered with every day, every minute,
every moment and every word
that passes this continuum we call reality.

patience is of the greatest virtues
but what significance shall it hold
with no potential in accordance
with its use and its value.

aim beyond the stars and thou
shall find a realm greater
than perfection ever imagined
and all doubters, sinners,
and those who have strolled
through the door of your life
shalt look back and declare
admiration and a sense of contrition
at the same time, hoping
that they did not leave a dimension
so filled with failure and sorrow
because it was destined
to achieve greatness
at its very peak.

i say fuck the possibilities.
i'm here now to achieve
what others are yet to imagine.