30 November 2007

middle finger

when you get zero support
from the people you love.
when you try to do something right
and your deeds are looked upon
with malice and hatred.
when you do not feel
not one ounce of appreciation.
when you work your ass off
only to get scutiny in return...

you do not deserve this treatment.
noone ever does.

but you still gotta work your ass off.
like a fucking slave.
until you can't breathe.
until every fucking muscle in
your body is worn out.
until you're fucking paralyzed.
you got to keep going and
tell yourself you CAN keep going.
because noone else will.

success is the biggest middle finger
you can ever conjure.
for now here's a middle finger
for those who have doubted me.
for those who give a shitless
about what i do.

just wait. i'm working on a bigger
middle finger JUST FOR YOU.

mark my fucking words.

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