02 August 2007

knocked up.

i just saw "knocked up" and i have to say this just might be the funniest movie of the summer. ben (seth rogen) engages in a one night stand with alison (katherine heigl) and gets her pregnant. a hilarious and fresh comedy with new and witty jokes and insults. it's not your typical comedy in which they just recycle jokes from other films. other than that there were plenty cameos. from the makers of "the 40 year-old virgin," they certainly brought creative comedy to a new level.

one quote i particularly liked came when ben was seeking advice from his dad and his dad responded:

life doesn't give a fucking shit about your vision or your hopes or your dreams. actually no one does except your pity little self. but shit happens you know. you fuck things up and shit goes out of proportion. things don't go the way you thought it would be. but you just gotta roll with it. harsh i know. but i guess that's why they call it life."

ok i exaggerated it a bit too much. but i got caught up in the moment. so hah.