26 July 2007

weeklong of soho.

i started my fieldwork this week for my extended essay. my focus is on the geographical factors surrounding graffiti along the SoHo cast-iron district. today was day three of taking photos of graffiti. i think i snapped over 500+ pics the past four days. here are some flicks:

saw the lebron logo randomly. hotness. an officer saw me taking pics and i told him i was doing a research about graffiti. turns out officer crosby is the guy charge of graffiti prevention in the SoHo district. our conversation turned to an interview and i'm hyped because this is a great addition for my report. yeah boii! this was a pic i took at the corner of broome and wooster about two months ago. i come back to find out that the graffiti was painted over. it was filled with a lot of major tags and now they're all gone. i'm kinda bummed about it since i really liked that spot.
this is just the beginning of my soho graffiti experience.