19 July 2007

back from hiatus.

damn. it's been almost three months since my last post. i should really be doing this more frequently. shit happens everyday and it has been a quite a rough ride in the past weeks. but hey, i'm still alive right?

well, vacation is alright so far and not much exciting except for the florida trip. went to every disney and universal studios amusement park. it was freaking awesome since i haven't lived as lavish as that ever. it was definitely an experience after going on all of the rides and just having a great time in the waterparks and at home with my little cuzzos. but i sacrificed having more fun on the way to california to go back here to ny. the reason? undisclosed information.

other activities that i have done since coming back includes being a jackass at scarsdale riding the shopping carts and going to sportstime at elmsford to hit the batting cages and play laser tag with some peeps. we went all the way to scarsdale to get some pizza hut and while mom stef was waiting for the pizza we decided to ride the shopping carts around the place late at night out of utter boredom. yeah it was childish. i don't give a shit though. it was fun. especially after being caught by the security guard. ahh good times. also after the trip to sportstime, we went to play baseball -my first time ever to play an actual game. i've been a fan of the game for so long but didn't really have the gear to actually play it. throughout the day i actually did better than i thought i would. haha. i'm still learning though.

last night, i watched the movie "Next" featuring Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel. wow. that movie sucked balls. the main character was cris johnson(cage), a vegas showman who can see a couple minutes into his future. he is hunted down by the fbi since they believed that he could locate an nuclear weapon in los angeles a few minutes before it is launched to stop 8 million people from dying. the execution of the movie, the script, and even some of the acting was pretty bad. it was rather corny, which i didn't expect coming from a nick cage movie. even jessica biel couldn't save that shit. but actually there was one line that to me was the highlight of the entire film. cris stares at liz(biel) and says:

"There was an Italian painter named Alberti, and he defined beauty and said it is a summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away, or altered, and that's you. You're beautiful."