06 May 2007


my name is jomi. during these past few weeks, i have rediscovered myself. i've been doing things i never thought i would, sharing things i was always afraid to tell anyone, and having upsurges of emotion like i have never experienced before. it has been quite difficult, but it sure has been one hell of a ride. without the comfort, strength, and the laughter that was freewilingly shared with me, i would not have survived without a smile on my face. yes, i know, the ride is far from over. i am yet to reveal properly what is willed to be revealed, and i have more struggles to face before the year is over, but i just wanted to share what a dynamic past month it has been. i am far from perfect. it might be true than noone is perfect, but i know for a fact that some are more perfect than others. they are the kind who the world truly needs; those who are able to captivate and capture individuals with just a glance of their smile, those who can uplift morale through their amazing sense of humor and powerful encouragement without even breaking a sweat, those who can show you what kind of person you really are inside and what capabilities you possess. thank God for them. let me readress that - thank God for YOU.