24 February 2007


hi. it's been a so-so past couple of days. nothing too exciting (except for this quite different conversation i had with this person a few hours ago). anyway, i went to the library today and borrowed this book entitled "14 Days of Power and Confidence." i will eventually read the book as soon as i stop procrastinating, and maybe start the shitload of schoolwork i have to do as well. the reason why i got this book is i have been seeking "things" in my life. i can't quite describe it but i am having this urge of just wanting "more." it's not greed because it's not really a physical thing but perhaps what i am trying to say is i want to improve my social relation skills. i have no trouble at all with communicating with anyone, but there's just this part of me that wants to learn how to "capture" people easily. i firmly believe that i really don't have to satisfy or attract anyone but having the ability to make a person understand you and be enticed by one's social behavior and tendencies is absolutely an advantage simply for the fact that not everyone can do it easily. i happen to think that i'm a likeable guy and i have no insecurities at all, but this right here is an overlooked "power."

anyway, there was this quite shocking news i heard last night. Dennis Johnson, former Boston Celtic and recent coach of an NBA DL team died of heart attack. He was just laughing with the team's spokeswoman and he collapsed and eventually passed away. he retired the year i was born so unfortunately i never actually saw him play although i've seen and heard what type of athlete he was. those big plays, the good defense, the passes and wutnot. just the fact that he was laughing then died shocked me. i mean, damn. i was speechless after i heard that. just the thought of death occurring so sudden...scared me.

in our house, there's still this emptiness that we all feel from the sudden passing of my uncle. i am still shocked, and still can't believe it happened. this was a dude i lived with for 3 years. a guy who i saw everyday. the guy who cooks for us. the guy who fixes whatever that needs to be fixed. he was the man of this house. the guy who took care of everything. and now he's gone. and he's gone forever. you're definitely a guy to look up to man. we're gonna miss you. take care, Uncle Gerry. we love ya man.