21 February 2007


holy shit. it's 4:37am right now. well, i just tweeked this spot up a bit. i'm a noob to this blog thing so i'm still tryna figure stuff out. anyway, though it was far from a productive day for me (cuz i haven't really done any work yet), it was a good day. i was on my music appreciation grind earlier in the day. i'm pretty eclectic i must say. i really love music so i try to listen to all kinds of classics. i've been listening to Radiohead, Beach Boys, The Beatles and such lately. i mean c'mon, do kids these days listen to these dudes yet alone know them? these dudes embodied what music really is and i refuse to let this generation not have a single individual who actually appreciates these classics. i pity this generation because they only know the stuff that they see on tv and hear on the radio and whatnot. this passion for music of mine is just reminding me that i still need dj/production equipment. it's been a long time dream of mine and one day i'll fulfill it.

so, later in the afternoon i decide to go to the city. damn i love New York City, just everything about it is fantastic. i go to the city often and even the spots i frequently go to don't seize to amuse me. i hit up Times Square. this is actually the first time EVER that i have stopped my temptation from buying anything. i'm not broke but i'm not exactly swimmin in cashola either. i saw tons of shit i want but i can't get because i'm savin up for a new camera (i figured my blog would be extra saucy with pics). but the best part of my day: i chilled for 2 hours in Virgin Megastore. sounds stupid right? if you've ever been there and have this undying passion for music and culture, you'll understand me. three floors, thousands of cds and dvds, hundreds of books, and a shitload of other miscellaneous merchandise from cellphones, cameras, food, clothes, bags, posters, etc. they even have Seattle's Best coffee lounge at the very bottom. i'm always drooling when i'm in there because it's heaven. i already swore that when i obtain enough money i will go there and literally spend thousands of dollars on all the stuff i ever wanted from the hundreds of classic albums to the graffiti books, the movies to the artist biographies and so on. tomorrow, back to the city again. most likely i'ma hit up SoHo. i don't know if i can still resist the temptation of buying anything cuz south of houston i shoppin heaven. hopefully i do.