21 February 2007

dream or nightmare?

i just woke up. i had this crazy dream. in my 7 hours of sleep(i slept around 5 something) i felt like i was in a movie. my dream involved all kinds of shit and even some realistic aspects which makes it extra special. well at first, it was something about running away from this notorious extra bad-ass cop for illegal reasons which i prefer not to disclose, then it turned to a scene in which i am "supposedly" giving up everything to that person who i "supposedly" love who i can't be with in the first place and getting in a bitch-slapping argument with the dude who "stole" her from me. i know, my dream seems excessively childish and hilarious. but when i woke up, i was pitying myself cuz i realized that that shit felt remarkably real and at the same time i wouldn't be surprised if anything from that dream actually happened. but why ask if it was a nightmare? because of the fact that i am the one who ends up losing. both in the dream and reality. if i had to choose whether it was a dream or nightmare though, i'd say it was definitely a dream.

...because i'm the one living the nightmare.

yep, this post is awkwardly random and vague. don't mind me.