21 February 2007

do things fall apart?

i'm about to leave for SoHo in a few. God only knows if i'm gonna spend money on something stupid/something that i don't need today. i don't even know. i'm bored outta my mind at home so i might as well have some fun in the city. anyway, i was just told that my myspace layout ain't appearin right for all browsers. damn, i put so much work into it that i thought i was finally done. i guess i'll have to fix it later on. so, what i did was change my headline for myspace. i put "things fall apart" for some unexplainable reason. maybe its due to the fact that a random thought occurred to me with the belief that not all things are meant to be...that not everything will stay how they used to be...and this is life and shit happens and also for the fascination of this book i read in 9th grade by Chinua Achebe with the same title. so in my daily routine of reading quotes, i stumble upon this captivating one. it was startling because 5 seconds after i replace my headline with things fall apart, i see this:

Things don't fall apart. Things hold. Lines connect in thin ways that last and last and lives become generations made out of pictures and words just kept.
-Lucille Clifton

it completely blew away because i realized what it's trying to say besides the fact that it's beautiful. i don't give a shit if you think i'm sensitive but that lady just used art as a metaphor of life's events and it connects to me because of my passion for art. so things might not go the way we want them to...and some things in life shatter your emotions because of your burning desire for something, then that dream becomes unfulfilled or the opposite of what you wanted to occur happens.

i hope for better things. i really do. hopefully this quote will apply with my life.