19 February 2007


this is my first blog post ever. why blogging though? i feel i go through too much shit and i have too much thoughts so i was like "why the hell not?" i mean, it's the age of technology and everyone pretty much posts their thoughts online and a lot of those are utter garbage that pollute the digital world anyway. so why do it? i'm not here to impress anybody. i'm here to be me. i want to look back at these posts one day and say "daaaamn, i remember that shit" or "fuck man, i got through that?!" and maybe "holy shit, i was like that in high school?"

see, we all develop our personalities. i wouldn't dare say that we all change cuz i wouldn't know...but i'd rather say we upgrade. everything that we encounter everyday can change our entire lives. we are moldings of everything we believe in, everything we love and everything we do in one individual. i don't know about you but i know i am.

so anway, what i did today was create a new myspace layout(it's probably like my 351st one, i'm not really sure). i mentioned that i am to "retire" from it or at least take a break. why? i said it was a distraction. but creating a blogger account on the same day is hypocrisy to that thought. so now, i'm looking for another excuse. i guess it would be the fact that there is nothing else to prove. i already made a name for myself as being one of the most creative, daring and prolific when it comes to myspace. no i won't delete it. too much stuff happened and too much effort have been poured on that ish. but now this is my introduction to blogger. a new world ahead of me. hopefully it's a gonna be a good one.