22 February 2007

art in words.

another day passed. nothing too crazy today. i went to the city to do the same ol' same ol' goin to various places just enjoyin NYC. i had dinner at Todai, the largest all-you-can eat buffet in the city and i have to say that Japanese food is the fucking shit. i know people would be like "of course you do, you're fucking asian." yeah yeah but there's just this elegance and amazing atmosphere when it comes to their food and their dining locations. i feel i'm at peace when i'm at most Japanese places. i had all sorts of everything. their selection of sushi is amazing. the tempuras, teriyakis, and barbecues were superb, and their dessert is just wow, especially the "pick what you want on it and we'll make it in front of you" crepes and the delicately sweet green tea ice cream. the dinner was pretty much the highlight of my day at the city.

so anyway, later in the night, i got home and received a message from this individual who said that i write well and i was able to "capture" them through my writing. so this struck me a question. am i really writing to impress people? although recognition is greatly appreciated, the answer would be no. i would have to say in my early days of having this passion for writing, it definitely was one of my first targets: to amuse people. not anymore. it would be a great lie if i said i did not want people to read my material, but to reiterate, i do not write to fascinate the reader but rather to get my point across, or to reveal a persona that i carry through what i write. do not get me wrong, i love it when people say nice things about what i say or write, but at the same time, i can care less if they despise it and totally disagree with what i say. i am not here to be the best, but rather i am here to be myself. it's not about the flash but rather the depth which should amaze the human intellect. ask George Orwell, he'll tell you.

another thing that kind of stuck me today as well is my tendency to write or say a bunch of words that i do not formulate on my brain but i just say it and it comes out "surprising" to say the least. i'm not saying i'm freakin deep or anything, it's just that i find it hilarious how i just realize what i meant after saying what i said. did that even make sense? for example:

"i think horniness is like gas. God gave us this certain amount and its up to us if we're gonna use it for the long distance or use it for short distances but quickly use it all up. "

after i read what i wrote i was like "wtf?!" the sad part is, i don't know whether to agree or disagree with it now that i just realized what i wrote.

another example:

thispersonsaid: Life is 2 damn short
i said: it is. that's why we have to cherish every single moment and every single fuckup, tear, and second of happiness we encounter.

that struck me as well because if you think about it, it's true. everything is going to end up being a part of something.

since life is too short, we just can't fuckin afford to take for granted the shit we go through. we just can't.